A Week With Us 30th October 2017-5th November 2017

A WEEK WITH US 30/10/17-5/11/17

A Week With Us 30/10-5/11

Welcome to A Week With Us. A weekly series of an insight to family life with the Rocks Family of 7. Mum, Dad and 5 boys.

Happy Halloween


This year we didn’t do as much as we usually do. My boys weren’t interested in going to Halloween parties. We did a few Halloween arts and crafts and decorated some skeleton biscuits I found in our local Asda. As it was, on Halloween Caelan was run down and tired from going back to school and Cohen was tired too. So after work, Matthew took Harvey and McKenzie trick or treating. As I predicted, they came back with a healthy stash of sweets.

Parents Evening

This week both Caelan and Mckenzie had their first parents of the school year. Both boys are doing amazingly well.

Caelan’s teacher sang his praising by saying that he had settled into school brilliantly. That he is a shy and quiet little boy, but despite that he shines in the class. He is already spelling out and sounding out CVC word and he has a talent for maths. Caelan’s teacher also said that Caelan moves with skill and his agility is fantastic. She often uses Caelan as an example to the class.

Mckenzie’s teacher is more than happy with his progress he has made so far. She expressed what a highly intelligent child he is. That he absorbs information like a sponge. Takes everything in. His handwriting is extremely neat and tidy, his reading ability is exceptional. Mckenzie’s teacher also identified some of the ‘behaviours’ that i have been trying to get recognised for years. The older McKenzie is getting, the more things are being more apparent. She has noticed Mckenzie struggles with eye contact, that he struggles identifying emotions and he is socially awkward and struggles to make friends and to join in with other children. His One plan has been updated so I’m hoping that the points they are working on has some impact.

Overall I couldn’t be prouder! Well Done Boys xxx

Autumn Activities

This week we crossed off a few things on Our Family Autumn Bucket List.

Cohen and myself got some leaf stampers from Baker Ross and made some Autumn leaf pictures. We also made an Autumn sensory tray using fir cones, red and black lentils, tricoloured pasta and wooden treasure basket items.

Autumn Activities

Bonfire night

With Harvey and Mckenzie both having sensory issues, we usually stay away fireworks displays. Mostly due to the noise, crowds and unpredictable events. Mckenzie likes to know whats going to happen when. For the first time his year we decided to have our own little fireworks display in our back garden with our boys. We made campfire stew (I’ll share the recipe) and chocolate covered apples. Which the boys absolutely loved doing. Especially licking the bowl out afterward. Bonfire Night Boys

That time of year

This evening I saw the gritters out for the first time in ages. It can only mean one thing, its getting closer to that time of year. Speaking of that time of year, I thought I was doing pretty well with my Christmas shopping until my Dad decided to bring over a Smyths toy catalogue over for each of my boys. Looks like my shopping isn’t as near finished as I thought.

Hope you all had an amazing week. Now to get school uniforms and activities ready for the week ahead.

Take care of yourselves.

Claire xxx

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