31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 11 – List 15 of your favourite things

15 of my favourite things…oh where do I start?!

  1. My family. My boys are my world! Everything I do has their best interests st heart.
  2. My phone. I rely on my phone way too much. My phone helps me run my life! I do everything on my phone. I’m even writing this on my phone.
  3. Cuppa tea. Tea makes everything better. You’re cold, have a cuppa. Feeling stressed, have a cuppa. Meeting with friends, have a cuppa. It has to be white 2 sugars or sweeteners.
  4. Kinder chocolate. Has to be the most gorgeous chocolate out there!
  5. My planners. They keep me organised and are so pretty. I love pretty things.
  6. Leggings. I live in leggings. I must have about 20 pairs. They’re so comfortable and easy to wear.
  7. My bed. This must be one of my favourite places. Comfy, warm, safe.
  8. Pizza! Naughty but soooo good! Yummy! Has to be margarita, chicken mamoni or neptuna.
  9. Ibiza. I’m in love with the island. I spent 2 weeks every summer from the age of 4 to 24 on the island.
  10. Northumbrian coast. It’s beautiful.
  11. Ed Sheeran. This man is amazing. His songs are amazing. He has a beautiful mind.
  12. Going to the gym. Love that post work out feeling! Its a natural high.
  13. The Notebook. It has special meaning to me.
  14. Autumn. Absolutely love this season. The dark nights. Colours changing on the leaves. Heating on. Cosy at home.
  15. Christmas. I’m like a child when it comes to Christmas. My favourite time of the year.

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