Review Hot Tub July 2017

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For the first week of the Summer holidays we wanted to treat ourselves to a hot tub. It’s something we have been thinking about for a while now.

After looking for deals on the internet, I came across who happened to have a discount at the time of booking as well as a wide variety of hot tub packages.

We opted for the Paris hot tub

  • Stunning Multicolour LED Lighting System
  • 87 AirJets™ Massage System
  • 40C° Rapid Heating System
  • Power Saving Timer Controls
  • Comfortably sits 4-6 adults

Party-Package-1We also opted for an add on package costing an extra £29.

before delivery

On the run up to our delivery date (Sunday) Party Hot Tubs emailed me information regarding delivery and set up information. I felt this was a great service as it gave us enough time to organise the area where we were wanting the hot tub.

Delivery was scheduled for between 3pm and 8pm. Which personally is a large time slot, but I do understand that the delivery drivers do have a large area of the North East to cover.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t at its best and had caused a crash on the A1M. Causing the delivery to be delayed by 2 hours. But again, excellent communication skills, the driver rang me and explained the situation.

The Delivery and set up

Finally the hot tub was delivered promptly by 10pm. The delivery drivers were most helpful, explaining basic troubleshooting and hot tub maintenance. Providing a spare filter and cleansing tablets. The hot tub was delivered deflated but it was inflated within under 5 minutes using an electrical pump. 2 plugs were plugged in, one for the filter, the other for the lights. Set up complete!

We decided not to fill it until the following morning. Filling was from a cold water hose and took around 2 hours. For the pool to reach the maximum of 40 degrees centigrade it took a good twelve plus hours.

Once set up and heated my boys jumped in the hot tub. The hot tub could easily fit all 5 of them in.

The heat has not dropped below 38 degrees and by following the correct maintenance the water in the hot tub has kept clean.

The additional party package we purchased wasn’t as good as I had expected. The chocolate fountain was smaller than expected but to be fair it did the job. The bluetooth speaker and disco lights were awesome. Sound was loud and clear. The popcorn machine made some delicious batches of popcorn.

The Final review

I loved having somewhere to chill out and relax after my boys had gone to bed with the bubbles on and my favourite music blasting out.

I would definitely hire from Party Hot Tubs again.

Affordable luxury!!!

Highly recommended!!!

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