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The Inspired Year Planner

*I am writing this post in collaboration with Kathy over at and her new business One Love Paper Co. who kindly compensated me with a copy of their The Inspired Year Planner mid-year planner in exchange for a mention. I can assure you that I promote brands that I use and love. Inspired-Year-Mid-Year-Planner

Find your balance

Life can seem  like a juggle at times. Being a Mum to 5 boys, wife and self employed childminder. Working my life around my own children, the children in my care, planning for my job, running a business, family time, me time, time with my husband, finances, making time for friends, going to the gym etc. Some things get put on the back burner and life gets in the way. You lose focus, lose your purpose, lose sense of yourself. You start to feel that you are only existing, and not living your life to the full. Your work-life balance is out of sync.

Self care

Looking after myself is important as I have a lot of people who are dependant on me.  I can not let them down. As apart of my self-care routine, having 5 children and being self employed I like to be focused, have purpose and be organised. Without a planner , diary or calendar, I would well and truly be lost. My life and my families lives would fall to pieces around me. I find setting goals in all aspects of my life helps me find balance and organisation.

So when I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Kathy, I was so excited as The Inspired Year Planner was something I knew I would love.

The Inspired Year Planner provides you with the tools to be able to take control of your life, write down your goals, reflect on why they are important, and committing to them gives you a newfound energy and purpose.Inspired-year-planner-goals

The Inspired Year Planner can help women and parents feel uplifted, purposeful, and creative. And, while doing so, also provided a foundation to create and focus on goals and balance. Kathy wanted women to enjoy a planner that helped them towards the big obvious goals (finances, weight, etc.), but also the more subtle, heartfelt goals – around the way we want to feel, the balance we want to achieve, the purpose we long for, and the self-care we know we need.

Set Goals

I set  myself long term goals. These are my ultimate goals, the end result I want to achieve. Every month I set myself ‘small goals’ in all areas of my life. Family, Work, Self-care and Play. The same as The Inspired Year PlannerThe goals I set help me focus on what I want out of those areas and allows me to plan how I can achieve these goals to get that end result.


It also allows me to evaluate and reflect on any of the goals I  haven’t achieved, allowing me to change my plans so that I do achieve my goals. Taking the time to write down my goals, reflect on why they were important, and committing to them gave me newfound energy and purpose.  It took effort and determination, and I realised that no matter how much we try, without focusing on our intentions regularly, we can easily get derailed.

Do you want to get some organisation, purpose and achievement in your life? Find that work-life balance? Check out The Inspired Year Planner website.

Also follow and check out Kathy’s various social media.


I am giving one lucky reader the chance to win their very own copy of The Inspired Year Planner 2018!!! 

All you need to do is COMMENT ON THIS POST between 23rd September 2017 and 20th October 2017. 

Winner will be announced on Saturday 21st October on all my social media 


Claire xxx

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  1. Gemma Cook says:

    This planner looks great!
    When I saw this competition for a chance to win one, I just had to enter.
    Thank you for the chance.

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