Can’t be doing a bad job…

We have taken this week off as a holiday to spend time with our boys.

As you can imagine, being childminders we are at home with our family but we don’t get much ‘just us’ family time.

As I have a passion for planning, I had planned out a fun filled week long itinerary of day trips, arts and crafts, etc.

One problem, my boys actually don’t want to do anything or go anywhere! They’re happy just staying at home and being together!

I’m so glad that my boys feel comfortable enough in themselves to not want to jump on the band wagon and do something because someone else is doing it or wanting to go somewhere just to say they’ve been.

One thing i’ve realised is that that my boys don’t need material things to make them feel happy and to feel like they’re accepted. I’m proud that they’re just happy doing their own thing and wanting to spend time together as a family ❤️

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