7 of the best things about having only boys

Majority of Mums-to-be dream of having a little girl. A little doll, just like they had when growing up. A little doll that they can dress in pretty clothes, cuddle all day long and everything is pink.

When pregnant you find yourself drawn towards the girl sections of clothing stores, imagining how pretty your little girl will be, looking at girls toys and pink prams.

Then the day of your 20 week scan arrives or you book in for a gender scan or you wait for the big day and there you find yourself with a beautiful bonny bundle of BLUE and it has ‘bits’…


You instantly fall in love with your baby boy, but you can’t help but think ‘What on earth do I do with him?’ Your dreams of girly days and pink everything are over! Welcome to cars, mud and fun fighting!

This has happened to me 5 times, YES 5 TIMES! I am a proud Mummy to

5 bOYS!

I gave up on my pink dream after number 3. No pink here, its blue all the way. But let me let you into a little secret, being a Mummy to ONLY BOYS and raising them is awesome! I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world. It certainly opens your eyes. Here’s my

7 Of The Best Things About Having Only Boys


A mum of 5 boys writes about her 7 best things about having only boys.

  • Getting out and about 

    is so easy. There’s little preparation. No hair to do, no outfit changes, no searching for shoes that match the outfit. A simple pair of jeans, t-shirt or jumper and a pair of shoes and they’re ready to go! I’ve found boys generally don’t care much about their appearance. I always give them the once over before leaving the house and choose their clothes for them or together. Plus their clothes are cheap and don’t have to match.

  • All boys are different,

    not all fit the typical ‘stereotype’ of a boy. All my 5 boys have completely different personalities. Cameron is intelligent, quiet and keeps himself to himself. Harvey is the one I will find climbing trees, covered in mud and always has friends knocking at the door. Mckenzie is as mad as a hatter, inquisitive and never stops moving. Caelan is a softy, he’s timid, sensitive but has a temper. Finally Cohen is full of fun, always smiling and laid back. But one thing they all are is loving. They all love a cuddle from their mum.

  • Having boys has made me so much more laid back. 

    Boys are dirty, boys are rough, boys love anything to do with bums and poo and their sense of humour is awesome. I can shout things like ‘Get your butts into the car’, and they will listen because I used ‘boy language’ which makes them happy and me a cool mum.

  • Mums of boys can identify other Mums of boys.

    It’s like an exclusive club. You can have certain look, a certain attitude. A boy falls over and his mum doesn’t just run over to him in a state of panic. She judges by her boys reaction as to if she need to panic or not. She’s seen it 1000 times before. Other boy mums get the ‘toilet humour’ or the importance of her sons belief that Spiderman will win Batman in a fight. It’s serious stuff!

  • Friendships are less complicated

    I remember when I was a little girl. Girls could be awful. Someone was always arguments and tit for tat fights amongst girls. They wouldn’t speak for days on end. They would cry if a friend said the wrong thing to them. With boys friendships are less complicated. There’s not so many rules. Boys can forgive and aren’t influenced by what their friends opinions are. They seem to be able to make their own minds up and not follow a crowd. With boys theres no ‘making up’, it’s simply a walk up to each other as nothing has happened.

  • Teach them to be a good man

    You have the power to teach your boys to be a good man in the future. Not a man thats going to make his future partners say ‘Huh, MEN!’ in that ‘I hate men’ way, tarring him with the same brush as all other men. Teach them to be a gentleman. My aim is to teach my boys to work hard, be independent, be respectful to everyone, be honest, be motivated with a can do attitude, to reach their own personal goals, to respect their partners and to follow their dreams.

  • A boys love for his Mum is unconditional

    . ‘Mum, Mum, Mum, I want to go with you’ ‘No Mummy I’m going’ ‘No she’s my Mummy’. Some days I wish I could divide myself into 5 so all my boys could have a piece of me. My boys love to be close to me. My boys are always giving me kisses and cuddles and telling me they love me. They show you in the sweetest of ways from drawing you a picture, picking you a flower. I know that in the future when my boys grow older that they won’t need me as much but I will know that they love me.

There’s so many more but that’s for another time.

Tell me about your experiences of having only boys or only girls. I’d love to hear from you.


Claire xxx

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30 thoughts on “7 of the best things about having only boys

  1. Tori says:

    Aw, what a lovely post. I’ve taught boy heavy classes for about six years now and consequently, have a 7 year old boy’s sense of humour too…I’d probably giggle at the bum and poo jokes!

  2. Staci Beth says:

    You are a champ! 5!! I have three – 2 boys and 1 girl and sooo much of what you said about boyhood is spot on! I love how it’s helped me be more laid back. It’s help me to be laid back for my #3 – my little girl and I think she’s much more outgoing and ‘free’ than if she had been #1.

    • Mum25boys_84 says:

      It’s amazing having children. It can be challenging at times but it changes you as a person and you adapt. The good times out number the tough times

  3. lisa prince says:

    im mum to 8 and i also have 5 boys , so much easier than girls who i might ad just fight alot over anthing and nothing most times but its nice to see that they all infact do really get along with eachother x

  4. Anosa says:

    Wow, really wow! Having all boys seems so hard yet the love you get is really unconditional. Looking forward to more posts about your kids. I hope I can have such kids as well in the future.

  5. Baby Isabella says:

    Awwww. My mummy only has me, so hopefully we will grow up together and do girly trips when I’m older and have a close bond. She wouldn’t know where to begin with a boy 😉 xx

  6. Jackie says:

    I agree that with boys you don’t have to worry about hair! I have a boy and a girl and I have to do my daughter’s hair at least twice a day because it gets unruly!

  7. Debbie says:

    Although I only have one boy and two girls I agree with everything you say, although Batman would definitely beat Spiderman 😉
    That said my youngest daughter is a mix of girly girl and total tomboy so I don’t know if I’ve got the best or worst of the two sexes with her.

  8. Carrie Wootten says:

    Ah I think this is so lovely – I have two gorgeous, but crazy, nephews and they are amazing. There are so many differences between girls and boys – but that is what makes each of them special xx

  9. Emily says:

    I have twin girls, so can’t imagine raising a boy. I do have a nephew and it’s true boys are very different to girls, but I think a lot of what you’ve said can be applied to mums of girls too. Great post. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

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