What time is it?! It’s ME time!!! 

My younger boys are in their beds, my older boys are doing their own thing in their rooms and my hubby is watching the football.

That only means one thing! ME time!!!

You know, that time when you do something that you enjoy that is focused solely on yourself, and do it to please yourself!

I hear a lot of you saying ‘what’s me time?’ ‘How do you manage that with 5 kids?’ ‘I’m too tired to do anything’

I make time! I schedule it into my day and I’ve learnt to spot the smallest of opportunities!

I crave me time as much as anyone else. There’s nothing better than after a stressful day to just do what makes you feel better and lightens your mood.

I’m a massive believer in self care! The way I see it is that you need to take care of yourself to take care of your family and if any of you are like me, you will be the backbone of your family! Your physical and mental health are paramount. Look after number one…YOURSELF!

Self care is not selfish!

It took me a lot of years to realise that I need time out from my mummy duties. I used to think that I was mummy therefore I couldn’t go and have fun. That I had to be in call 24/7. That my boys were were my responsibility, that it was all on me. I used to run myself into the ground running after everyone, making sure everything was perfect. I’d have to do lists miles long and I was adamant only I could do those jobs. No one else. I used to give myself such a hard time and I had very high expectations of myself. As if I had to prove something to everyone.

I realised that I was slowing harming myself mentally and physically. That my health was suffering. I expected too much from myself. I started to realise that my best might not be good enough for someone else or it could be too much for another. I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t please everyone. I decided to look at the important things in my life which is my family. That I wanted my family to have a happy, fun loving mummy that is full of life and has a positive attitude. A mummy that they could make happy memories with, have a positive relationship with. What was important to me was that as long as my family were all fed, watered, clothed, bills paid and most importantly my children were happy and thriving I was succeeding in being a mum.

I started to work on myself. Look at my life, I cut my hours at my previous job, spread my work load, share my responsibilities with my husband. I realised it wasn’t wrong to ask for help. We started to work like more of a team and work together.

My husband is very supportive of my self care. He encourages me to ‘get out of the way’ every now and again. Im sure it’s just so he can have me time too. We both make sure each other gets our time alone.

So what I’m saying is give yourself a break, relax and look at what you’ve achieved today! It might be the fact you got out of bed, that you reached a target at work or that you left the house. You need to reward yourself with some ‘me time’

For me it’s going to the gym, crafts, writing letters to my pen pals, my Planners and bullet journals, blogging, searching the internet for random stuff, browsing online shops and reading.

I’d love to hear from you all. Leave a comment and Tell me….

What do you do for your ‘me time’?

How do you take care of yourself?

How do you make sure you get ‘me time’?

Claire xx

2 thoughts on “What time is it?! It’s ME time!!! 

  1. Sara says:

    Hi Claire I don’t know how you manage it but I just feel I need be here with Callum. Can’t remember last time went out and did something with friends. But a lot of time I don’t want to. I seem to go to work and look after him that’s my life. Being single mum don’t feel it’s right to ask family look after him as they do already so I can work. But we are off on holiday today and I’m looking forward to that. You’re a very positive person and I shall keep reading your blogs. Well done. Love Sara x

    • Mum25boys says:

      Hi Sara, Thank you for your lovely comment. I too am the same. I find it hard to leave my sons. It has taken me a lot of years to realise that I am more than a mummy. I am Claire. Sometimes we just need to find ourselves again. I hardly go out but I always find time for me. Mostly on an evening when my boys are asleep. I do a little something just for me. Hope you enjoy your holiday sweetheart. Take care of yourself and your son xxx

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