Mission Yummy Mummy The Start

I want to share with you my journey to get fit. I call it Mission Yummy Mummy. It’s my journey it improve my overall health, fitness and myself in general.

Mission Yummy Mummy!

Years ago when I only had Cameron and Harvey. I was a single mum, in my early 20’s and a size 8-10. I was a Yummy Mummy. I had the time to exercise, eat healthy and generally look after myself.  I didn’t drive so I walked everywhere. Plus i was in my early 20’s and my metabolism was amazing. I didn’t even have to think about losing weight after Cameron and Harvey’s pregnancy. It just dropped off. After having a history of eating disorders, I had my life on track and my relationship with food had improved dramatically. I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted. Didn’t think twice about eating a slice of cake or dunking a packet biscuits with a cuppa.

I had never been over weight. Always healthy and active. As a child I danced from the age of 3 until 16 – when the eating disorders were at their worst. You can read about that here in my post Do You Ever Wonder?

something changed

I hit 23 and I rapidly started to gain weight. I had just got into a relationship with my now husband Matthew. I thought it was due to getting ‘comfy’ with each other. You know what I mean? The stage in a new relationship where you eating pizza, watching movies, don’t go out etc. I noticed I was tired all the time, feeling cold no matter how many layers I put on. I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. (Hypothyroidism) I was put on thyroxine which I will be on for the rest of my life.

3 Babies in 4 YEARS

Between 2010 and 2014 I gave birth to my 3 youngest sons, Mckenzie (2010), Caelan (2012)  and Cohen (2014). I breast fed all 3 but I struggled to lose weight. Between each one, I didn’t manage to lose my pregnancy weight.

I found it so frustrating. I’d go on diet after diet but nothing was working. I was scared I would get into a downward spiral of obsessing about my body and food.  I couldn’t go through that again. I couldn’t put my family through it again. Plus I had 5 children and a husband to look after.

I put it to the back of my mind and continued with life. Focussing on being a mummy and my career in the bank. I had a desk job, so i was sat on my bum all day.


In 2013, I opened my childminding business. As you can imagine, my days can be hectic. Early starts (we open at 6.30am), doing school and nursery runs to different areas in the town, playing with the children in our care, going to playgroups, networking with other childminders, more school runs, meals to make and children to entertain.  I barely had time to eat properly. I was eating on the go. Grabbing what I could, when I could. Mostly sweet things to keep me going. After getting our children settled and in to bed. I wasn’t sitting down until 9 or 10 at night. I was exhausted and couldn’t be bother cook anything. You guessed it a takeaway would get ordered.

This didn’t do my weight any good. My metabolism was all over the place. I was too tired to exercise. I had very little motivation.

I was so unhappy with myself. I had to take action.  I had to do something about my fitness, health and my appearance. In February 2017, I decided to join a local gym and look at my diet.

I was on a mission. Mission Yummy Mummy! 

I’m on a mission to improve my health, fitness and self esteem.

Follow my journey here.

Yummy Mummy


I’d love to hear about your get fit yummy mummy tips and stories.


Claire xxx

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  1. Muffin top mummy says:

    Ah good luck! I’ve found the weight has stuck around with my first and so I’m trying to shift it slowly without worrying too much or putting any pressure on! I wish you the best and look forward to following your journey! Thank you for linking with #Blogstravaganza

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