Quick and Easy Slimming World Syn Free Snacks

Quick and Easy Slimming World Syn Free Snacks

Quick and Easy Slimming World Syn Free Snacks

Come on admit it, Who is guilty of eating on the go? You know a ‘grab and go eater’. I’m assuming that you have very little time to prepare anything. You’re so busy looking after your kids or working, so you end up grabbing a packet of crisps or a biscuit to tide you over until the next meal time.

I hold my hands up…

I have more than been guilty of this! Don’t know about you but I generally end up reaching for the biscuit tin. In a bid for a sugar boost along side a cuppa.

Quick and Easy Slimming World Syn Free Snacks

Since discovering Slimming World and the Slimming World Syn Free snacks. I’m on to a winner. All of the yummy syn free snack combinations, Yummy and healthy (yes i said yummy AND healthy in the same sentence) foods that aid towards a healthier lifestyle and weight loss.

On to a winner

Here are some of my favourite Quick and Easy Slimming World Syn Free Snacks

  • Quark with sweetener  with strawberries
  • Cottage cheese on Rye crackers (HEB)
  • Fresh fruit salad

Quick and Easy Slimming World Syn Free Snacks

  • Boiled eggs and spinach (protein hit)
  • Muller light yogurts (depending on  variety)
  • HEB cheesecake – crumble up a HEB qualifying cereal bar, top with some quark sweetened with your choice of sweetener and a little vanilla or use a syn free yoghurt, then top with fruit for a yummy syn free cheesecake

Quick and Easy Slimming World Syn Free Snacks

  • Baked eggs and ham – spray muffin tins with frylight. Place ham slices in the cups of the muffin tin. Crack an egg into the ham slice and bake in oven until egg white is cooked.
  • Syn free quiche – spray a muffin tin with frylight. Whisk together 2-3 eggs and add syn free vegetables and meats. Pour into muffin tin. Put in oven until cooked through.
  • Overnight oats- Put 30g porridge oats (HEB) into a bowl, Top with fat free yogurt and frozen fruit. I like to layer it up. Cover and leave overnight. For added sweetness sprinkle with sweetener.

Quick and Easy Slimming World Syn Free Snacks

  • Mug Shot (depending on variety) with some sandwich meat and Babybel (HEA)
  • Pizza toast- Bread (HEB), Top with tomato puree, low fat cheese (HEA) and add syn free toppings (tuna and tomato is my favourite)
  • Syn free pancakes – Whisk together 40g rolled oats (HEB), 120ml skimmed or semi skimmed milk (HEA) and 1 eggs. Leave for 30 minutes. Spray pan with frylight. Pour mixture into pan and cook.
  • Cheese  (HEA) wrapped in ham. Cheese triangles are my fav.


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