11 Ways To Use Zoflora

After my last post Top Tips For Spring Cleaning With Zoflora I thought I give you 11 Ways To Use Zoflora. It is a disinfectant which when you have small people around. For as little as 89p, this little bottle will transform the way you do housework. Not convinced? Here are 11 ways to use Zoflora.

These are very cost effective and easy ways to use Zoflora

11 Ways To Use Zoflora

11 Ways To Use Zoflora

It will change the way you do housework

  1. Put a small drop on the filter in your hoover. Makes the house smell amazing.
  2. Put it on a tissue and put it down the back of the radiators. Especially in the winter months.
  3. Fill up your kitchen sink on a night with hot water and Zoflora. Put in sponges and cloths. Not only will your down stairs smell lush, everything will be disinfected.
  4. Sprinkle it on the carpet like a wet Shake ‘n Vac
  5. Watered the Zoflora down like a home made Febreeze. 1 cap full to 400ml water. It’s great on curtains and mattresses.
  6. Use in reed diffusers. OR make your own by watered down Zoflora in a mason jar, some wooden BBQ kebab sticks and you have a reed diffuser!
  7. Put it on the pad of my steam mop (not in the water, apparently that breaks them)
  8. If you have a dog, Use on artificial grass. Put it in a watering can diluted with water whenever the dog has a wee! Smells gorgeous outside & keeps it hygienic for the kids
  9.  Drop a couple of capfuls into the cistern of the toilet. Leave the bathroom smelling lush.
  10. A few drops into the washer on the towel wash or any other was for that matter.
  11. Use it for mopping my floors.

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