Surprise! It’s Twins!!! – GUEST POST

GUEST POST – Surprise! It’s Twins!!!

‘Was it a shock finding out you’re expecting twins?’

‘Was it a shock?’ A question I’m asked most days from strangers. ‘Was it a shock when you found out you were expecting twins?’ My answer is always the same, yes it was a massive shock!

I mean, why would we ever expect twins? They don’t run in either of mine or my husbands family, I don’t really know anyone with twins, the thought of twins never ever crossed my mind!


So when I went for my 12 week scan, yes it was a shock to be told that firstly I was only 8 weeks pregnant but secondly I was having twins.

The biggest shock of my life!

Me and my husband didn’t know what to say, we didn’t know how to process the information and we just laughed! We sat in the waiting room, staring at the double scan photo and we laughed. Looking back, if we hadn’t of laughed, we probably would have cried.

It took a long time for it to sink in. Twins! I can’t speak for my husband, but personally I struggled at first to get my head around it. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, my mind had naturally wandered and imaged our future as a family of four. My eldest child would be starting school as the new baby was born, I felt perfect timing. I had imaged what our life would be and planned the future around 1 baby.


After the initial shock of being told we were having twins, I had to get the image I had created of what our life would be like out of my head and get rid of it. For a while I felt a sense of loss, a sense of dread and a sense of the unknown!


Luckily, excitement took over. We found out at the next scan we were having a boy and a girl and could finally let everyone know, pass the shock onto everyone else.

When the twins arrived, the real mayhem started. For a long time, our whole lives were taken over with a routine of feeding, changing and getting them to sleep. The first few weeks were the hardest, I’d looked after a new born baby before, but two at the same time was a different matter.

We soon found a routine that worked for us and I now feel that I’ve blinked and time has really flown by! Next month my tiny new born twins will be 2 years old and I can’t believe it. It’s been tough but absolutely amazing. I’ve honestly enjoyed every second of it and believe that we’ve been blessed to have been chosen to be twin parents.

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