My Word Of The Year For 2018 is…. – My Motivation For the Year Ahead

My Word Of The Year For 2018 is….

My word of the yearfor 2018 is ORGANISEDMy word of the year for 2018 is ORGANISED. 

So why did I choose ORGANISED For 2018?!

I am always looking for ways to improve and work on myself. Seeking out ways to motivate myself and my family to help us reach our full potential. Allowing us to reach our goals and dreams.

Being a Mum of 5 boys and a working full time as a childminder to 15+ children I have to be super ORGANISED.

After looking back on my year in 2017, I feel thinks could have gone more to plan if I was more ORGANISED.

In 2017, I discovered planning and planners. Joining various groups on Facebook. Meeting like minded people who have a passion to plan and be organised.

Being Mum, Childminder and Self employed I have a lot of things and people I am responsible for. People reply on me. It’s a huge responsibility.


Here are some of the things I am responsible for

  • My 5 boys
  • Housekeeping…the daily running of my household
  • Finances
  • My business
  • OFSTED requirements
  • The children in my cares wellbeing
  • ….and more!!!

So obviously for things to run smoothly I am going to look in to getting MORE ORGANISED than I was in 2017. To know what I am doing and when.

I have identified that TIME is a massive issue for myself. Having so many responsibilities, they can take up a lot of my time. As much as I love to work, I also need down time, me time and equally important family time. Time to make memories and attend to my self care so that I don’t burn out, become over worked and stressed out.

Word of the year for 2018. Time managementA lot of people think, because i’m home, I have a lot of family time. Think again…Even though I work from home and I am ‘there’ for my boys, they have to ‘share’ me with their brothers and children in my care.

Family times means more to me than anything else in the world. My family are my life. I didn’t have 5 children to be an absent Mum and palm the off for others to care for. I had them because I love family life and want to bring them up myself and enjoy them grow and bloom. So therefore I am….

Putting a plan in place

Word of the year for 2018To be organised I am planning to put more structured routines in place for my family and household so that everyone knows their own responsibilities. I’m looking to share the burden with my family. To teach them to organise themselves in an age appropriate way. But also feel appreciated while they take responsibility, otherwise they wont want to do it. To show them that if they are ORGANISED too, they will have time for free time and Mummy will too. Hopefully, resulting in an increase in family time and making fun memories together.

Here’s our Bucket Lists Here

How do you motivate yourself for the year ahead? Do you have a word for the year? Let me know by commenting below. I would love to hear from you.

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