OUR 2018 BUCKET LIST…Experiencing Life As A Family


Following on from my Word For The Year 2018 post. Family Time is massively important to me, and us as a family. So carrying on from my Word of the Year, we have decided to put together a 2018 Bucket List for us as individuals, as a couple and a family to complete before the year is out! 


Reasons behind the 2018 bucket list

  • Visit York. Matthew and I love watching Vikings and obviously, if you didn’t know York is one of the places that the Vikings invaded.
  • Pick your own fruit. Once the weather warms up I would love to take our boys to pick their own fruit and veggies. Maybe even making some yummy things to eat with our pickings.
  • Decorate the boys bedrooms. Now our boys are a little older we feel the functionality of their rooms has changed. Time to freshen them up.
  • Go to my first Blogging conference. I’m wanting to take blogging more seriously and maybe one day earn an income from it.
  • Monthly date nights for Matthew and I. As a married couple with 5 boys and working together we need couple time too.
  • Go Ice skating. Now our boys are getting older this is something we want to experience together. Who will fall on  their butt first?
  • Regular family games nights. Even if its just half an hour playing Uno, its still time together.
  • Go to Hamsterly Forrest. Even though this is a fairly local attraction, we have never been.
  • Treat my Dad for afternoon tea. For years now, I have promised to treat my Dad to an Afternoon tea. It just seems impossible with our busy schedules. This year will be the year.
  • Make time of individual Mummy-Son dates. Individual time with each my boys.
  • Walk up Roseberry Topping. Again another local attraction which we have yet to discover.
  • To book myself a spa day and get pampered. A Mum deserves a bit of pampering, right?
  • Couch to 5k. Make time to go to the gym and train to run 5k!
  • Go on a UK holiday and visit local attractions 
  • To reach mine and Matthews weight goal and/or body fat percentage goal. Now that I have decided that i’m not having anymore babies (i think) it’s time to sort myself out and get into shape.


Keep a look out for our 3 monthly updates on our 2018 Bucket List Here in the Bucket Lists category  Updates will be 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 30th December! Did you know that you can Sign up to the blog to be kept up to date.

What’s On Your 2018 BUCKET LIST? Comment below and share your lists or anything you want to achieve in 2018.


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