A Week With Us 22nd October 2017-29th October 2017

A Week With Us 22/10/17-29/10/17

Welcome to A Week With Us.

This week has been absolutely bonkers and eventful!

This week has been the half term school holidays. So as you can imagine being childminders we have been super busy. Each day we have had a houseful of kiddies.

Poorly Boys

Throughout the week we’ve had 2 visits to the hospital urgent care department and 1 visit to A&E with 2 of our own boys. Caelan and Cohen.

At the start of the week Caelan was complaining of a sore throat and was running a temperature. As it ends up, it was viral. Isn’t everything these days?

Cohen on the other hand woke up on Wednesday evening, after being put to bed with no sign of him ailing anything. He started coughing, shaking and gasping for breath. He was struggling to breath. I was beside myself. I had flashbacks. You see, this happened a couple of years ago to Mckenzie. He had to be ‘blue lighted’ up to hospital, put on oxygen and given steroids.

We made a very quick decision, phone an ambulance that we know could take 15 minutes just to get to us or get him there ourselves within 10 minutes. We chose the latter!

poorly_cohen Thankfully, a dose of Calpol and a shot of steroids and he perked up. He was diagnosed with Croup. I’m sure these boys of mine are going to give me PTSD.

Family Time

Obviously, with having a houseful of kiddies everyday, it can be tricky to get one on one time with my boys. Caelan wanted to do some baking, so we finally got round to doing one of our Bakes Box that we subscribed to. They were super tasty!!!

caelan bakes box

This weekend Matthew and I managed to get ourselves out for a Date Night! -Shock Horror!!! This is unheard of! So we decided to go to the cinema and see Jigsaw. As much as I love being at home with my family, it was amazing to have some ‘husband and wife time’.

On Sunday, as a family we asked the boys what they wanted to do. I suggested going to a Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch, but, no, the boys wanted to get their pumpkins from Asda or Aldi! So off to Aldi we  went! I know we are a larger than ‘normal’ family, so we do attract a little bit of  attention, but with a trolly full of pumpkins, we had people looking and saying things like ‘you are brave’ ‘you’re going to be busy’. I was quite amusing.

Once home we got to carving out pumpkins. I have to confess that this was my first time ever carving pumpkins. Matthew usually does it with our boys. I must say, I loved it.

pumpkin carving 2017

Considering we didn’t do much to help the boys, I think they did a pretty good job.

4 pumpkins

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