7 of the best things about having only boys

Majority of Mums-to-be dream of having a little girl. A little doll, just like they had when growing up. A little doll that they can dress in pretty clothes, cuddle all day long and everything is pink.

When pregnant you find yourself drawn towards the girl sections of clothing stores, imagining how pretty your little girl will be, looking at girls toys and pink prams.

Then the day of your 20 week scan arrives or you book in for a gender scan or you wait for the big day and there you find yourself with a beautiful bonny bundle of BLUE and it has ‘bits’…


You instantly fall in love with your baby boy, but you can’t help but think ‘What on earth do I do with him?’ Your dreams of girly days and pink everything are over! Welcome to cars, mud and fun fighting!

This has happened to me 5 times, YES 5 TIMES! I am a proud Mummy to

5 bOYS!

I gave up on my pink dream after number 3. No pink here, its blue all the way. But let me let you into a little secret, being a Mummy to ONLY BOYS and raising them is awesome! I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world. It certainly opens your eyes. Here’s my

7 Of The Best Things About Having Only Boys

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Why I turned to blogging? 

Why I Turned blogging?

What is my blogging dream? I am passionate about helping others, to inspire and empower. I am a very positive, diverse and motivated person and want to pass my attitude onto others and show them that life as a Mummy truly isn’t that bad. That we all have our bad days but there are ways and means to make it better. Even when we are at our lowest point and can’t see ourselves overcoming our current issues, situations and problems that are causing you to feel so low. To learn how to become resilient and strong to over come the situation again should it arises again. To believe in ourselves and take full control and responsibility of our lives. It will not happen overnight but with tiny changes and the effort to work on our life it can be done.

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