About Us

Hello There!!! *waves*

Hi There, I am Claire, I am Mummy to 5 boys, Yes, you read that right. 5 BOYS!

We are the ROCKS family from County Durham, North East of England.

We are a family of 7.

Myself Claire, my husband Matthew our 5 sons, Cameron, Harvey, Mckenzie, Caelan and Cohen…. Yes, I am well and truly outnumbered. You could say I live in a mans world, literally. But you know what? It’s not as bad as you imagine. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I am an OFSTED registered childminder. Our home is always full of kids, need it be our own children and their friends or the children in our care. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that you’re providing children with a safe and secure home from home environment where they can learn and play while their parents are at work. Plus we can be at home for our own family.

My family are my world, my everything. We are a very close knit.

Who is who?

I am Claire. I’m 33. Mum to my 5 boys, wife to Matthew. Childminder to 20 children. I am a very positive person. I love nothing more than to inspire and empower others. I enjoy going to the gym to weight train, reading, anything planner related, being creative, making and crafting such things as paper craft, baking and knitting. I love to work. I am big on work ethics. I always have an ongoing project going on.

Matthew is my husband. He is 40. He is originally from Scotland. We live and work together. It works for us. Matthew enjoys going to the gym, gaming, football and UFC. Matthew is what I call ‘my sixth child’. He can be just as bad as my boys for messing around and being full of fun.

Cameron is my eldest son. He is 14 years old. Cameron is my ‘typical teen’ He is a home bird, enjoys his own company, spends most of his time in his room gaming and chatting to his friends over Xbox or on his phone. He loves reading, gaming and anything Marvel, Manga and comic related. Cameron is Very academic and has already been interviewed and worked with school links with local universities. He is on his schools Gifted and Talented programme and has recently completed a GCSE in year 10.

Harvey is my second son. He is 11. Harvey is what I call my ‘boys boy’. He’s a ‘jack the lad’ type boy. He is social. He can make friends with anyone. He Is the one who I will find up a tree, covered in mud or getting stuck in fixing his bike. Harvey enjoys anything hands on, arts and crafts, Lego, fixing things etc. He adores scooters and cars. He dreams of being a You Tuber. Harvey has Sensory Processing Disorder, Poor working memory and poor processing speed.

McKenzie is my third son. He is 6. McKenzie is a bright little boy. He’s the one I definitely know I have! He is full of fun, very head strong, knows what he wants. He is a very loving and caring boy. McKenzie loves Minecraft and Roblox. McKenzie runs on a never ending battery. I’m sure of it. McKenzie has Sensory Processing Disorder which causes him a lot of anxiety. He has been diagnosed with SPD, anxiety, attachment issues and immature social and emotional development. McKenzie needs a lot of reassurance and he likes to know what is happening next.

Caelan is my forth son. He is 5 years old. He is my ‘fragile child’ He is very shy, very slim and timid. He looks like he will break. He is very stubborn and head strong. Caelan loves playing with his brothers and the other children in my care. Caelan also likes to play and is content playing on his own from time to time. He is a little flirt, a right little charmer with the ladies and treats girls like princesses. Caelan loves being outside, arts and crafts, superheroes and baking. Caelan is a true Daddy’s boy.

Cohen is my fifth son. The baby of the family. He is 2. Cohen is my ‘saving my sanity’ child. He is a cheeky chappy. Full of fun and innocence. He is so easy going. He’s happy with what he has. He is easy going and just goes along with everything. Cohen is very cuddly and his favourite thing to say is ‘I love you’. He is a very good talker for a two year old. He hates getting messy but loves imaginary play with small world sets.

Fancy working with us? Check out  our Work With Us page.





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